The Cable Car is the fastest growing form of urban transport in the world. It’s quick to construct, emission free riding quietly and effortlessly above the traffic.

Continuous movement ensures that they integrate seamlessly with other forms of transport with little waiting time at stations. The world’s safest form of transport, lines take up little ground space and produce tourist pull for additional revenue. With minimal disruption, a light touch form of transport.

Low capital cost means that lines and networks around the world are privately financed and run without subsidy.

What we do

High capacity 6000 Passengers Per Hour
COST EFFECTIVE < 10% vs Traditional Rapid Transport
Fast 30km p/h And No Traffic

About us

No longer the preserve of the ski slopes and the mountains the cable car is taking over the cities of the world as a means of getting around, to the shops to the office, to home, a subway in the sky. From La Paz in Bolivia to Ankara and Paris lines are being built and being planned.

Skyline want to do the same in your city, whether it's a single line working with other forms of transport or a network.

Suburbs can be revitalised, regeneration needs good transport and the cable car goes to places other forms of transport cannot get to.

Skyline came about to put together the various skills needed to deliver these projects from funding, through to design planning, building and operation. We integrate systems with their surroundings. As property specialists we know the value of real estate and the value that good transport can bring. As project managers we know how to lead a team to make the cableway an agent for change.

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